Tomb Raider Slot Machine Review

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Tomb Raider Slot Machine is a flash casino game, which is developed by Microgaming. This game follows the idea of the adventure of Lara Croft to find the secret treasure tomb. Once her treasure found, players also get their huge rewards.



– The logo of the games, Lara Croft icon and the ancient dolls is the most important slot of this game. Ancient dolls for extra bonus credit, Lara Croft icon for free spin, and logo of the games play as the wild slot in other slot machine games.

– Players may decide the number of lines, coin, amount of bet they will place and the number of cash they won. The spin button placed in the right down corner of the game.

– Two small plus and minus button allows players to decrease or increase their number of bet credit.

– A huge spin board with the colourful slots and 15 line to announce with players how they won or not.

– This game has 2 separate modes for playing: Expert and Regular. Both of them has the same function and bet method. In comparison with the regular one, the expert mode has several additional buttons, such as autoplay. You may decide the amount of credit for each bet and do nothing left, just press the autoplay button and watch your number of credit go higher.

How to play

If you play this game for the first time, you will receive 100,000 demo credit to play. Moreover, the first scene of the game allows you to get more credit by pick 3 bonus dolls. If you get 3 more dolls in a line while playing, you will have another chance to get bonus credit.

There are 15 lines in total. You may pick the suitable amount of line from 1 to 15, The more line you pick, the higher winning chance you may get. Once you have enough credit to pick 15 lines, that will be the highest chance to win a spin.

The amount of credit you may bet is required from 3,75 to 375. You totally manage your bet credit and try your luck with just a press.

In personal experiences, this game deserves a high score. If you want to find a simple game to ease your mind, or just want to try your luck without any expense, this game is yours. Additionally, the way how Microgaming makes their players enjoy this game with a colourful and mysterious world of Tomb Raider is appreciated.

Introduction of Flash technology in today’s online casinos.

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Flash technology in today’s online casinos

To play online Casino, you are supposed to download its client software that will contain all the themes and plugins of your game. However, you can also play a casino game online without downloading any specific software. It is only made easier when you install the Flash technology. You are entitled to this software when your Macintosh fails to hold the games plugins. Well, by installing this Flash technology, you can access all the promotions and the offers that your desired Casino game offers.

Features of Flash Casino gaming

• It is convenient

By using Flash technology in Online Casino gaming, you can access your desired game by just surfing it from the internet. While on the web, you just click on your desired game and instantly get started.

Introduction of Flash technology in today's online casinos.

• Online casino becomes reliable

When you use Flash technology in Casino gaming, you are given a chance to play it directly without downloading first.

• The game becomes evident and precise

Flash technology provides your Casino games with a quality design. It includes a perfect graphic design and bright and brief animations.

• The game corresponds to the downloaded mode

By transferring to flash technology, you can access all the bonuses and promotions without downloading it. You are not locked from accessing your bonuses just because you play it online.

• The game becomes real

Even though you play your Casino game online, you are entitled to all the procedures you would follow with a downloaded game. Your payment details still prevail where you earn, and you are paid instantly after making a withdrawal request.

• The game becomes secure and accessible

The moment you start playing your games with this Flash technology, you are assured of the maximum safety of your details. For the case of your winnings, you can retain the funds in your account without the fear of hackers and crackers. You are also able to play your game from any computer.

• Offers double gaming mode

Flash technology in today’s online casinos ensures that you can play your desired game in two different ways. This is the free game mode and the real money mode for maximum comfort.

Flash technology is thus a perfect gaming mode to use. With the increasing advancements in technology, Flash technology has started an online gaming where you only click you desired game and enjoy your moments. You are also able to access all the gaming promotions and bonuses even though you do not download the game. However, many people find it trickier mostly when it comes to instant playing. This is wrong since you can play the game from any computer without the fear of losing your funds.

How to Play European Roulette

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How to Play European Roulette

European Roulette

European roulette is an exciting variant of the standard game that has become very popular at online casinos. The rules are similar to standard roulette and you will have any problem getting used to it. Here is a quick look at how to play:

The Fundamentals

The online roulette wheel in this has 37 pockets. These are numbered 1 to 35 then there is a zero pocket. The zero pocket is coloured green while the others are coloured red alternatively. The numbers are placed in an order that ensures an equal chance for each number to win.

Difference between European American roulette

The biggest difference is that there is only one zero pocket in the European version. Hence the house advantage is significantly reduced. Then there is an additional rule that you must be aware of known as the ‘en-prison’ rule. Here’s how this rule works: if the ball falls into the zero pocket, then players who had placed an even money bet have the chance to either lose half the original amount or else leave it to be played for the next round.

Also, European roulette uses the usual casino chips instead of special roulette ones. So you have to make sure that you keep a count of your bets. Of course this won’t really be a problem with the online format.

How are the Bets?

The wins for the bets vary according to the chances of the outcome. For example, if you bet on red/, you will have a lesser payout ratio compared to if you bet on a single number. There are two major categories of bets: inside bets outside bets. These are quite similar to your usual roulette bets. Here is a look at some of the common bets:

1. Straight Bet: This has the highest payout the bet is placed on a single number. The winnings are in the ration of 35:1.

2. Split Bet: The bet is placed on two adjoining numbers on the table. The payout ratio is 17:1.

3. /red bet: This is one of the more conservative bets has an even money payout.

4. High/Low Bet: High numbers are the ones from 19-36. Numbers from 1 -18 fall in the Low category. You can bet on one of these two categories this also has an even money payout.

This should have given you a good insight into the rules bets of European roulette. Hope you have fun with this game.